It's Show Time!

No one can believe it (because the rain won’t stop pouring?), but our eagerly anticipated Evening Under the Oaks is THIS. SATURDAY. Well, that’s not true. Our vendors can believe it, because their crab legs are on order, their appetizers are simmering, and their cakes are baking. Our auction donors believe it, because they are delivering unique pieces to our doors that we are wrapping with a bow for the auction table. Snapchat believes it, because we just designed our very own filter for the event.

But us? No way. We’re all sampling the Prosecco plum and thyme cocktails on a beach somewhere (and one live auction package is missing).

OR! We’ve been cooking up quite the event, so here’s a quick guide to everything you can expect starting at 4PM on Saturday, April 29th:

First, we’ll welcome you with a Prosecco, plum and thyme drink and direct you to our step-and-repeat nestled in the garden for a quick photo-op with your date before too many drinks go down. Cue the professional photographer and dreamy sunlight filtering through the trees (#nofilter). Selfies (and filters) more your thing? No judgement. We’ve got a Snapchat filter personalized for the event as well as an Instagram handle: #euto2017. Let everyone who stayed home on the couch wonder what those letters stand for and why you look so dang spring-y and good.

Next, mozy on over to the silent auction baskets lining the middle of the lawn as our musician Adam serenades you, or walk your date to Birdie Ball (the only competitive piece of this event) where there’s a question of golf balls and score boards, but I don’t understand much else past that. Did I mention there’s a bar dedicated to that area? Competition.

If food is more your calling (as it is mine), you can head to our food tent where local celebrities Michelle and the Out in Left Field crew will be serving up an incredible selection of heavy hors d’oeuvres (menu on Facebook) to butter you up before you dive into the oysters and crab legs. If you have your own oyster-shucking knife, we’ll toast to you, because that’s commitment. Thirsty? We’ll have beer, wine, and Mint Juleps on tap.

The silent auction will run until 5:30, at which point our famous auctioneer Andy Locklair will close the silent and announce the start of the live auction at 5:45. Why did we give you 15 minutes? So you could grab another Mint Julep and count how many mothers you need a gift for. The live auction is FULL of beautiful items and dreamy travel packages, so don’t plan your vacations yet because chances are, we’ll make the plans for you during the live auction…if you’re brave enough to bid.

By 7pm, you will hopefully have satisfied your taste buds, your smiling muscles, and the next five people whose birthdays are coming up. If not, please e-mail butwhyisallthemintjulepgone@gmail.com and we promise to fix it for next year.

Most importantly, by 7pm, you will have helped us provide our very own Humane Society with funds to carry on doing what they do best—providing safety, care, food and shelter to all of the homeless animals in Darlington County. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We can’t wait to cheers with you!

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