Press Season Has Started

As you may have read in our latest headliner at SCNow (here!), we are a committee of 13 volunteers who love animals. The word is starting to get out, tickets are dwindling...it's spring fever for EUTO. Inspired by our "press tour" starting up (yes, we take it seriously), I’d like to introduce you to three more members of our pet-loving family.

Our lovely Myshell Johnson hails from Tampa, Florida—and like many great things from Florida, she is full of sunshine. Myshell came to us to serve on the Fundraising committee. She loves to volunteer and has a passion for doing things that help others and that make the world a better place (just our kind of girl!). She has 3 dogs (Bella, Sadie and Charlie) as well as a bearded dragon named Buddy that she likes to walk on a leash in her neighborhood. Yes, the dragon. She loves her Clemson Tigers, playing tennis, traveling and Dunkin Donuts.

Julie Scott, our returning Public Relations queen and orchestrator of the "press tour", is a boomerang girl—native of Darlington that has returned home after 15 years living the life in Columbia, SC where she worked for the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce as communications director. She adopted her sweetheart, George, from Columbia after her dad suggested they “stop by” the shelter (we know how that story goes). The rest is history, and today George is a very happy boy who loves his “babies” (squeak toys), sitting on the screen porch and spending days with his “grandparents” while his mommy works. His mom loves him so much she takes his picture, but won’t include herself. After all, Julie serves on the EUTO committee because of George. She wants to help other dogs like him who need loving homes.

The stud on the left is Taylor Armstead. From Atlanta, GA this lady has two DCHS pups, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Taylor has fostered over 40 dogs from DCHS and helps to run the foster Facebook page, as well as coordinate volunteer activities. We don’t think she misses Atlanta. If you can’t tell from the picture, she likes to run long-distance (like, marathons-long) and would like to specify that she also likes cats. To her, EUTO is such a great way to raise money for all the dogs and cats that need it, as she remarks that it’s important to have both “on the ground” volunteers and fundraising events like this one.

Look out for us in more communications throughout the county, and grab your tickets from one of us or the website before we run out (marketing/press does that to you). April 29th will be here before you know it, and we can't wait!

P.S. I’ve heard some pretty neat auction packages have been posted on the site….

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