Meet the Crafty Committee, Part 2

We left you with a bit of a cliffhanger last month by introducing half of our core Steering Committee. So hi again, from Behind the Scenes. Let me bring to life the next three incredible women that are behind Evening Under the Oaks 2017.

Jamie, our Orchestra Director, was brought down straight from Baltimore. She’s our favorite naturalized Yankee (she graduated from Virginia Tech—go HOKIES!) and her sass and sarcastic twinkle make us love her despite the fact that we are all incredibly jealous of her hair. She came to Hartsville as an Industrial Designer for Sonoco where we roped her into helping with EUTO—despite her severe pet hair allergy, which in itself is a testimony to how incredibly dedicated and head-strong this girl is. We call her Orchestra Director because last year at 8AM on the day of Evening under the Oaks, most of us only had a vague idea of how we were going to pull off a very large event in a few hours, but Jamie showed up bright-eyed and smooth-haired and directed us to event perfection. She and her hypoallergenic sweetheart Sadie enjoy romantic coffee and bacon breakfast at Zada Jane’s on the weekend.

If you need someone as results-driven as your most annoying boss but sweeter than a chocolate-covered Oreo, you need Megan. Becky discovered her putting sweaters on the Humane Society’s pets during the ice storm 2 years ago. Her laser focus may come from her German origin or from the amount of miles her running shoes and she have racked over the years, but this lady’s heart could hold all the fosters in Darlington County. Unfortunately, her house is not as large, so she’s “only” fostered 50 pups in the last 2 years. An occupational therapist at the NICU at McLeod, she cares for others all day and all night, so you get where we say she has the biggest heart. She has been instrumental in EUTO’s Community Outreach effort, calling on vendors and organizing the community’s participation in our event. We wouldn’t be so connected and have so many partners without Megan!

Like the bow on top of a perfectly wrapped package, Rachel is last on our post but definitely isn’t least. She is one of those odd once-in-a-blue-moon combinations of an adept engineer’s mind with a designer’s creative touch. Originally from Rockhill and now living in Cheraw with her fiancé, Rachel channels Southern elegance perfectly in her aspirational Pinterest boards and her beautiful graphic designs. You can catch her work on our EUTO Save-the-Dates, tickets and flyers. Always ready to jump in on a project with both feet, she even enlisted her creative mother last year to create our various silent auction baskets and make sure each package to bid on was presented attractively at the event. She is a Clemson tiger who never turns down an opportunity to serve on a committee, be it the Lean In Lunch Group, Hartsville Young Professionals, the local tennis team…She is also the proud mother of Spencer, a rescued pup whose energy matches her incredible generosity.

And there you have it: seven of our core Steering Committee members that were there when EUTO 2016 was born and that are bringing EUTO 2017 to new heights. But that's not it--we have other committee members that handle special projects (everything from ticket distribution, to fashion strategy, to auction management). It takes a village, as you see. And though Hollywood’s sequels almost never do well, you can bet Evening Under the Oaks 2017 will toast to 2016’s expectations and even raise the bar. See you there!

EUTO 2017 Planning Committee:

Becky Skipper

Elizabeth Heustess

JoEllyn Watson

Roxane Debaty

Jamie Ackermann

Megan Webster

Rachel Randall

Myshell Johnson

Tamara Weatherford

Summer Baker

Julie Scott

Taylor Armstead

Monica Winning

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