Home is Where the Hart(sville) Is

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coming home after an adventurous time away, the sweet comfort of “We’ve missed you!” and “How was it?” and the joy of sharing pictures and memories with friends.

…What do you mean, you haven’t taken a vacation in years?! That’s not a way to live. Let’s see, what can the Evening Under the Oaks team do to help…have we mentioned we’re holding a live auction this year?

Let’s get you (and whoever you’d go to a desert island with) out of Hartsville with this sneak peek at some of the incredible travel packages we will be auctioning off in the spring:

1) The Globetrotter’s Guide Pack: passport a little bare? This option will have you ransacking travel guides to figure out which of the top destinations around the world still accept a mediocre level of foreign language.

2) The Beach Bum (and Proud) Pack: if your perfect vacation involves sand and salt water, you may want to grab your favorite beach bums and bid on these packages.

3) The A-List North American Adventure: who said leaving the continent was necessary to discover incredible beauty, stay in cozy accomodations, and make your folks at home jealous?

Not the pack-and-go type? Don’t worry, Staycationers, we’ve got plenty of evening plans written up for you. So go, take pictures, come back home to Hartsville and let that blissful comfort of, “Aahh, I’m home…and for the next few weeks I’ll be cooler than you,” sink in. No, no, thank YOU. You are helping us change so many shelter pets’ lives!

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