Gems and Generosity

It's Week 2, and we're already upping the level of class on our weekly blog titles. You know that means April is going to be a success.

Preparations are in full swing here at EUTO Headquarters, and we are already floored by the support from the community: from sponsors signing up to help fund a beautiful evening for you (check the "Sponsors" tab for all these generous folks) to eclectic auction gems finding their way into our mailboxes (very, very large mailboxes)...we'd almost say you guys make this easy for us!...almost.

Speaking of the live auction, we're excited to announce that, due to the unique nature of many of the items, we will be revealing auction items on our website the morning of the event so that you may pick your favorites early. And to whet your appetites, here's a sip of what you might find on the list:

- an elegant event, for you and your closest friends, that will finally put to rest your life-long regret of not taking Wine & Spirits 101 as a senior in college;

- a framed painting autographed by the leader of a certain team of champions that are all sporting gold-billed hats (asking yourself if this is appropriate attire for Evening Under the Oaks? Stay tuned for our fashion blog post in the spring);

- a genuine antique piece your genuine culinary friends will be jealous you have in your kitchen, because it means you will forever be known as the Bread Maker (if you use it the genuine, antique way);

- a dinner at an exquisite southern gem, complete with your "carriage" ride there;

- handcrafted, very comfortable sleeping arrangements for the most important members of your household (hint: if you are reading this, they have more legs than you do).

..and many more that are so unique, this writer can't even come up with a sneaky description for them.

Whether you're coming on April 29th for these auction items or not, we love this period of early excitement and are so thankful for your contributions, no matter what size. Let any of us know if you want to be a part of our classy evening. Not sure who 'we' are?...Check in next week for spotlights on the EUTO Steering Team!

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