Spring warmth teases...so will we!

Set your pinstripe blazer and spring dress shopping day, Darlington County: Evening Under the Oaks 2017 is upon us. Our Design team is sending out Save-the-Dates, the floral theme and color palette have been set (hint: any color described with a type of wine is very en vogue), and we have wonderful local partners already signing up to help!

What to expect out of our second year? Well, first, the things that "weren't broke" (so we "ain't fixed 'em"): plan on a refreshing glass of Prosecco or a signature cocktail to start, get somewhat up close and personal with oysters and crab legs, and enjoy wonderful music on the beautiful front lawn of the Oak Manor Inn. And for this year's new surprises? Well...our auction is now LIVE and will include more artistic, exotic prizes; our catering will be crowned by a unique cake from none other than Patty Carver at Simply Sweets; and your beautiful, spring fling outfits will be framed by our Step-and-Repeat where some of our most important sponsors will be listed.

Starting today, check in every Wednesday for a sneak peak on the blog about planning and preparation, what incredible finds you can expect at our (NEW!) live auction this year, or who's behind the scenes of it all...And to start, why don't you grab a ticket? Tickets are on sale on our website and locally (in Harstville) at Burry Bookstore, Brandi's, First Citizens and Colours Salon. Your ticket will, as always, include food and beverages (spirited and non-spirited) for the evening.

We can't wait for this teasing warm weather to stay...but until then, we'll tease you wonderful people until you are as excited as we are.

Your EUTO Steering Committee

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